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  • Mona,

    I fail to understand why you cannot talk me through the process of troubleshooting, and why it is absolutely necessary that you get the login information to my private WordPress Portal. Furthermore, I also fail to see how the fact that other clients face no problems should have any impact on the support that you offer to me.

    The way I see it: I have purchased a theme from yourself. This theme has a problem which is quite clear from my website homepage. I have offered to fully co-operate and provide whatever information you require from the site, however I cannot give you the login credentials to the backend. Surely the problem can only lie with the theme files, or something along those lines. I am fully willing to provide you a zipped version of the theme files if that is what you need to troubleshoot the problem.

    The argument that “I don’t know where’s the prob and what causes it unless i check myself inside.” makes little sense. If I were to provide you with the login information, you would log in, and navigate to various sections of the site to try and determine the problem. Just tell me where you would go to investigate, and I will send you the information from those pages. It really should not be this difficult….

    A key aspect of your theme marketing is that it comes with excellent customer support. This is one of the reasons I purchased the theme. It is not like you are offering support out of goodwill, you advertised the support on the sale page on Themeforest. This therefore makes support a condition of sale, and you should do your best to accommodate your customers.

    I’d appreciate it if you would stop taking the line of “give me the login details or you’re not getting support”, and try and come to a reasonable solution. I am not refusing to give you the login information because I distrust you personally, but I cannot guarantee that your machine / network connection are secure enough. Even if it was, a condition of support should not be administrator access to customers websites.