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  • Dear Sir,
    we are here in the support only for the client and their satisfaction.
    the Magic theme works stable, why do you think it’s buggy? please let us know your problem and we’ll solve it for you if there’s any..

    updates happens when there are serious issues, or if there are new features to be added, and, in our plan for the theme, there are many features will be added in continuous monthly updates, because unfortunately, we noticed that as there are some clients who like many updates, there are some other clients who get annoyed by them..

    so we’re here sir to satisfy all clients.

    and we wish that you communicate with us with forbearance, we always provide the technical support service to win our customers. and we’d be honored to provide the best service to you, and we’re doing that with your help..

    you’re absolutely welcome anytime sir, and i’m sorry for any inconvenience.
    Best Regards,