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  • caltini replied

    🙂 sometimes i really doubt about it that you would not really know your own theme.. i actually would like throw out the theme to the trash, but i am middle in a project…

    in your theme there is a bunch of option and you think that you would explain all this option with 11 videos??? where 2 of them installing the theme and importing sample data are, and they are honestly not theme sepecific.You cant cover all your theme options with 9 videos i think.

    Create a page in your theme you will see down below of editor;

    Under the Page option where you can choose on which side the sidebar will be placed
    and right below that you wil see
    Page head display with a drop down selector and its default position “None” is. If you check the drop down selector you will see other option for the Page not for the Post, the options are video, slider and featured image.

    in a post and category driven magazine theme creating a galery from static images, imho, nonsense… Though a post featured images slider with exerpt of posts would be very useful.

    at the bottom of Page option there is an another untouched, not explained option;
    adding special fields (freely tranlated from Turkish back to english, i dont remember anymore how its called in original theme version since my themplate traslated is)
    with that you can add “current-position, current rating” etc. for what all these options? They are not covered in your famous videos to those you are pointing out all support questions…

    On your documentation videos ie. “Home Builder” the lady mention about “Home 2” and says “she will come back to explain what Home 2 is” but she dont:)) I asking my self what would be the purpose of having an “Home 2” option where you can add so many “news boxes” as you can with “Home” builder??? But if we would have the option to display “Home 2” on a static page which we can reach with a main menu item that would be great than we would have 2 front site in 1 website..

    i am not a php coder, but i am sure somehow, that would be pretty easy to do that with a small php snipset which we would insert to the child theme function.php, to achieve that… and you, as provider and creator of this theme, should be able to provide this snipset.. This would be a really Support of theme, not pointing out every questions to your tutorial videos which are totaly incomplete, imho…


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