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  • caltini replied

    @utahman1971 Thank you for your explaning and helping words. I got your point and i have allready recognized the second section with a second sidebar.

    from my point of wiev using a second section aka Home 2 like the demo site makes the frontside over populated for a real scenario. Because user oriention getting lost…If some one would like to use it, its ok, i dont.

    But, while its already coded we could use it with a bit more coding in different way too and this idea was my starting point. just imagine a news portal or a newspaper site; you would have a main menu with menu items like Politics, Economy etc. and Sports.I would like to have that Sport has its own front page with featured post images from Soccer, Basketball etc. maybe news from different teams… and when you can implement this Home 2, for example with a shotcode to a static page which is reachable from the main menu item Sports, then you would have a frontpage for sports, wouldnt it be nice and useful? And at last but not least this would give the theme more value, i think.

    @Habaza i forgot to mention before, at the theme option “News scroller” and “featured posts” when we wont to use “Display by Category” it would be nice if we can choose multiple categories instead of just one. This ability is already coded on “home builder” “Feature slider”.

    I really appreciate your will to solve problems, thanks a lot in advance..

    best regards both of you