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  • pawido replied

    Hi Habaza,
    thanks for asking. Indeed i have a issue with graphics shown in the footer.
    I have a html code in the footer2:
    <table width=”220″ border=”0″ bgcolor=”#000000″>
    <td width=”80″ bgcolor=”#000000″>Spielyeti <br><hr width=”80″ />
    <img src=”;
    alt=”blogoscoop” border=”0″ width=”80″ height=”22″ /><br> <hr width=”80″ />
    Blogverzeichnis - Blog Verzeichnis <br><hr width=”80″ /><br> <hr width=”80″ /> das Original - Blogverzeichnis | Blog Top Liste</td>
    <td bgcolor=”#000000″> </td>
    I have put it in a table because the Graphics are otherwise shown in a size that was stretched over the complete width of the footer area. That Looks very stupid because the size of the graphics are only 80 px in width and the jpg is in weak quality.
    In the table which is split in 2 rows ( 1 x 80 px and one for the rest) the graphics now are in correct size. Unfortunately the Background of the table is White (my bgcolor black is overwritten with the Theme css file. Changing the Color to black in the themes css is not possible because older Posts are written in Tables and then the complete post Show black text on black Background.. ;-(
    is there a easy solution?
    Thanks in Advance

    Best wishes