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Bdaia Support Forums Portfolio Magic duplicate posts on homepage builder Reply To: duplicate posts on homepage builder

  • Sorry, but I do not ever set more than one category for a post. That does not explain why there are still with almost 300 posts with at least 2+ on homepage are showing multiple times every other load of the homepage. Even with the news box set to random it still does it.

    I have a friend that is using Newspaper theme from TagDiv and it has a setting inside the page to edit for home, and has an option to turn on an option for “Unique Artilcles” to prevent this kind of thing of duplicate posts. It does well too, because each load of the front page is all different articles each time.

    So if other themes can actually prevent it, then it should be able to do here too. Not saying that you have to do it, but Google does not like duplicate content, and that could penalize the websites that do not stop it from happening. May not happen over night, but Google may catch on to it.

    Not trying to force you to go to Visual Composer either, because Newspaper is using that and that “Unique Article” setting is part of Visual Composer. I personally experienced myself on using GTMetrix testing my website speed right after each test, and it says every other test that there is consistent content. There is no consistent under 2 seconds load time either. First test would be 1.56, then the next one goes to 3.24 seconds, and then under 2 for maybe 2 or 3 more times under the 2 seconds, and then after jumps up to 12 seconds load time, and when looking at the information for the long load time, it says consistent content, and click on it is shows 3 articles being shown twice on the page. It considers the same image shown more than once a duplicate.