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Bdaia Support Forums Portfolio Magic Disqus Comments vanished.. Reply To: Disqus Comments vanished..

  • Grumpy replied


    Looks like it worked.. had to do a restart, just refreshing the page wasn’t enough to clear the cache..

    I appreciate it..

    Now that that’s taken care of… A couple things I missed when I was setting up Magic..

    I ended up using Category Boxes.. When I tried using Boxes and Blog I ended up with a column of 14 or 15 blog excerpts I couldn’t get rid of until I switched to just the Boxes,, Pretty sure I missed something..

    Then I found out the Tabbed Box Didn’t work in Boxes.. made it work in Boxes Blog..but not just in Boxes.

    Also on the Demo… near the top, You have side by side columns, Different categories.. How do I do that?