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  • There should be something though to notify the admin of comments placed on posts. Like a widget that shows recent facebook comments. I tried the free one on the WordPress repository, and it does not work, because it messed up the website. There is no way to know if someone comments at all, unless you go to every single post one by one that would take forever just to know who did what. I don’t think anyone has that kind of time to do that, even if you are not working. It would be a 24 hours 7 days a week thing to check all posts to see who to reply to their comments.

    I know I suggested something, but I like to use Facebook comments, but there is just no notifications at all. Email notification plugin would be okay, but only if you are getting an income to pay for the marketing email like for subscriptions to have a lot of mail sent to you.

    Not really trying to be a problem on this, but I think people would agree that there should be an option for notifications, and I think some that use this theme are probably using a Facebook plugin for the comments instead because of the lack of notifications.