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Bdaia Support Forums Portfolio Magic Sticky navbar only works in up direction Reply To: Sticky navbar only works in up direction

  • cbdh19 replied

    I appreciate your response and help. But you are wrong: Your demo operates sticky navbar in BOTH directions, down and up. If I could screen capture it to show you, I would.

    You really need to fix your demo — and eliminated the down AND up stick functionality it clearly shows, or give people here in your support forum the correct information.

    That is, your customers deserve to know that your demo is creating false advertising for the theme.

    Overall, the theme is very good — but it frustrates me that the demo/preview is showing functionality your customers download do not receive.

    You really should navigate to right now — and select “Sticky” in the right pop-up bar settings. If you do, you will see I am correct.

    I just went to that page 30 seconds ago and the nav bar is sticky in up AND down scrolling motions.