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Bdaia Support Forums Portfolio Hooray Share Twitter Author Reply To: Share Twitter Author

  • dancar1 replied

    I guess I don’t translate well what I try to say 🙂

    Ok, let’s restart.

    When sharing a post on twitter, clicking on the twitter button at the end of the article (in the social sharing box), I get a popupbox, which is:

    As you can see (even if it’s in italian) the default option is to share the article name and the article link.

    What I need is to add also the author twitter nickname, to give him the right visibilty for what he’s writing.

    So, I looked on single.php and found that the file I was looking for was “social_sharing.php”.

    I took it and found that the function that generates the message on twitter (article name and article link) is this one:

    a class=”ttip” title=”twitter” href=”<?php the_title(); ?> <?php the_permalink(); ?>”

    that generates, as we now ,the title and the permalink.

    I was asking if you know what function I can add to generate also the twitter nickname after the permalink 🙂

    Hope it’s clear now 🙂

    Thank you again for you time