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Bdaia Support Forums Portfolio Hooray @font-face Android 2.3.x Reply To: @font-face Android 2.3.x

  • dimb replied

    @Amr Sadek: Assalaamu’alaykum brother. Can you please take a look at this too?

    What we (Hooray is a Bdayh product) need is either the @font-face to appear correctly or that it correctly uses a fallback font. Mona or Amr, please try and compare the other themes with Hooray on Android 2.3 and see if the same problem occurs. Then you can look if some configuration is off in Hooray. Please try to fix it this way.

    And I’m very sorry if anything I said comes across the wrong way. I would appreciate it if this is fixed soon, because a lot of users are still using Gingerbread in this country. This font issue makes the theme and my website unreadable.

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