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Register Twitter App and add it to Social Counter

  • Amr Jamal replied

    Step 1 : Login to Twitter.

    Step 2 : Navigate to Twitter Developers.

    Step 3 : Click on My apps Link.

    Step 4 : You will go to My apps page, click on Create New App button.

    Step 5 : Then you will go to the new app page configuration.

    1. Fill in the applications details.
    2. Check the developer agreement check box.
    3. Click on Create your Twitter application button.

    Step 6 : Your application has been created, this is a success message, click on Keys and Access Tokens tab

    Step 7 You will go to the page that contains the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret).

    1. The Consumer Key (API Key).
    2. The Consumer Secret (API Secret).

    Step 7 : Go to Dashboard > Theme Options > Twitter API (tab)

    1. Add Twitter Username
    2. Add Twitter Consumer Key
    3. Add Twitter Consumer Secret
    4. Add Twitter Access Token
    5. Add Twitter Access Token Secret

    Step 8 : Save Shanges

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