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  • taharast replied

    Thank you Mohamed,

    How long it should take to fix it?

  • taharast replied

    Since you’ve added payment gateways to the system, I suggest you to add paddle also as it is dedicated to SAAS and digital products.
    It is a very good solution for people who don’t like to manage problems with paypal.

    They have a very good API.

  • taharast replied


    I’ve tested the new version and here are my remarks:

    – When I try to create a new subscription plan, I’m obliged to make monthly and yearly plan. As an admin I should be able to create plans I want, monthly, quarterly, annually or lifetime offers.
    I think you should allow admin to put the period he wants, then make payment recurrent or not according to his offer.
    I think you should make just one form to create any plan instead of forcing admin to create a combination of Monthly-Yearly plan.

    – The users management system is not allowing me to change the expiration date for the user. As an admin I need to be able to change the expiration date of any user manually.
    Think about to add another field for date expiration.

    – As a user, when I create a template and try to change any image (background, logo, images) the popup window where I should upload my image keeps loading and doesn’t upload the image i’ve chosen from my computer. You should fix it or just tell us if there is something we must do to make it working properly. See the attached picture.

    – The little icon that redirect to the landing page should be pointed to the dashboard link. It’s better than showing the landing page of larabuilder. See the second attached picture.


    I’ll keep you updated with any new suggestions.

    I believe you can make a very good website builder withing few days of work.

    Best of luck!

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